BuildCircuit has written few articles about audio amplifier and music modules. One of the most popular examples is “Audio amplifier using LM386“. This article is about a bit advanced audio amplifier made using TDA7052A.

Download datasheet of TDA7052A

It is not wise to connect an 8 Ohm loudspeaker directly to Arduino microcontroller pins. When we calculate the current through the speaker we get : I=V/R= 5V/8 ohm=0.625A=625 mA. But microcontroller pin can only drive 20 mA to 40 mA. So, this project can solve this problem. This amplifier can be used with music modules like WTV020SD.



The PCB Layout is given below:


Download all the fritzing files.

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This project has been taken from It has been made by Michael Johannes Franz.

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