2 Channel Relay Shield for Arduino UNO is a simple and convenient way to interface 2 relays for switching applications in your project. The board has been designed using large current relay that can handle a load up to 30Amps. Relay circuit is optically isolated to prevent any kind of EMI noise. The board directly seats on Arduino Uno. Project requires 12V DC supply, Relay-1 can be controlled using digital pin D12 of Arduino and Relay-2 interfaced to digital pin D2 of Arduino, J1 and J2 solder jumpers provided in case of Arduino and Relay board to be power up from same supply line. LED D2 and LED D4 indicate the Relay ON/OFF operations. Open the jumpers J1 and J2 in case of complete isolation required.


  • Input: 12 VDC @ 160mA
  • Output: Two SPDT relay
  • Relay specification: 30 A /230V
  • Screw Terminal to supply Arduino
  • CN3 Power Input to Relay Board
  • Trigger voltage input TTL level
  • Digital Pin D12 Connected to Relay 1 and D2 to Relay 2
  • Header connector for connecting power and trigger voltage
  • LED on each channel indicates relay status
  • Power Battery Terminal (PBT) for easy relay output connection
  • PCB Dimensions 68.37mm X 51.01 mm