2 x 50 Watt Class D Audio Amplifier – TSA3611

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This product does not have Bluetooth feature.

This is a 2x50W audio amplifier that has integrated TI’s TPA3116 as the driver. It has a perfect class-D architecture and each channel has 50W power output. This board can be powered by any DC 12V-24V power supply. It can be used to drive any 4Ω or 8Ω passive speakers. There is an ON/OFF switch and a volume knob on the front panel.


TA = 20℃, fIN = 1 kHz sine wave, RL = 4Ω. (Unless otherwise stated)






Supply Voltage (VDC)


21 24
Idle Power SD Floating

1.3W 2.5W
Standby Power SD Connected to GND

0.1W 0.3W
Maximum Current 100W @ 4Ohm


Efficiency 50W @ 4Ohm 87% 92%
Minimum Load Impedance 3.2Ω
Switching Frequency SD Floating 394KHZ
Gain 24dB 25dB 26dB
Input Sensitivity(RMS) @4Ω, 50W, 1KHz 808mV
Input Impedance 22KΩ
Output Power @4Ω THD+N 1% 36W
@4Ω THD+N 10% 50W
Bandwidth @ ±3dB @4Ω 20Hz 20KHz
THD @4Ω, 1W, 1KHz 0.0299%
@4Ω, 10W, 1KHz 0.073%


  • Dimension: 16cm x 7.5cm x 4.8cm
  • Weight: 420g
  • Working voltage: DC 12V-24V
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Overcurrent protection


  • Personal computer
  • Desktop amplifier
  • MP3, Video CD output Amplification
  • Home Theater
  • Powered DVD Systems

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Search Electronics Kits And Modules Available In Our Store