Amarino Shield

This kit has retired, but, we have upgraded it. Please CLICK HERE FOR THE UPGRADED AMARINO SHIELD. The upgraded version of Amarino is a better kit with additional features.

Fully assembled kit is also available on

About “Android- Arduino Bluetooth Communication (BTCOMM) DIY Shield- Version 1.0 and 2.0” : If you are interested in controlling your Arduino with Android phone or Arduino Serial Terminal and if you are an Amarino enthusiast, then, here’s an easy do-it-yourself (DIY) shield for you. The DIY shield set consists of the following components: amarino kit new

Fully assembled kit is also available on

The PCB  IMG_1457

CD4094BE/HCF4094BE- 1 pc


This is 8 bit shift register. The chip is used for decimal to binary conversion experiment.

16pin DIL Socket- 1 pc


LED- 3mm- 10pcs- 8 pcs same color(red/white/blue/green/yellow) and 2 pcs different colors (can be any color)



The LEDs are use for CD4094 experiments.

LED- 5mm-White/Yellow/Blue/Red- color- 1 pc  [SHOULD BE VERY BRIGHT]


This LED is used for Amarino- Sensor Graph Experiment.

LM35- temperature sensor- 1 pc.


LM35 is used for Amarino and remote temperature sensing experiments.

RGB LED- Common cathode- 1 pc


RGB LED is used for Amarino- RGB Multicolor Lamp experiment.

LDR- 1pc.


LDR is used for Amarino- Sensor Graph experiment.

Female header- 4 pin – 1 pc.


Resistors- 220Ohm(14pcs) and 10k(1pc)

220R resistor10k_resistor

Stackable headers- 6 pin header(3 pcs) and 8 pin header(2 pcs).

stakable header6 pin header

Besides these components, you also need a Bluetooth Adapter. You can buy Bluetooth adapters from the following links:

a. BlueSMiRF- Bluetooth Mate Silver– This module is cheaper than other BlueSMiRF versions.

The shield works with other modules also, but you can only stack Bluetooth Mate Silver on to this shield.

b. General Bluetooth Adapter

    • CD4094- 8 Bit shift register- evaluation circuit.
    • RGB LED.
    • Light dependent resistor ( LDR) based light sensor.
    • LM35-temperature sensor.
    • Perfect for testing Amarino and all Android serial emulators.
    • Provides space for BlueSMiRF mate silver and General Bluetooth adapter.You can also use other adapters, but you need to connect those with Breadboard and extra wires. 
    • These two adaptors are only supported by the shield
    • Works great with Arduino, with tons of example codes.
    • Tested and verified at Lab.
    • The shield has been designed to suit ARDUINO UNO R3 because of its placement of reset switch (just makes easier !). However, the shield works perfectly with other versions of Arduino also.

reset switch (3)

    • In case you need to reset the shield, use a piece of wire and connect reset pin to GND for a short moment.

amarino-arduino-android (28)amarino-arduino-android (30)


CIRCUIT LAYOUT- see how the components are connected to Arduino.

try this also

Fully assembled kit is also available on


CD4094- 8 Bit Shift Register Evaluation circuit

You can use Android- Arduino shield for doing several experiments with CD4094. Some examples are given below:

Example 1: CD4094 control with  Arduino- Basic Experiment- WITHOUT SMART PHONE Example 2: CD4094 control with Android emulator and Arduino



(Note: The Arduino sketch for this experiment is slightly different from the original source codes from Amarino. The extra codes on the sketch deactivates the CD4094 chip. It is necessary to deactivate CD4094, because the power is shared with the chip and it affects your experiments. The deactivating code has been given on each Arduino sketch.)

RGB LED control using Amarino, Android and Arduino

RGB LED control using Amarino and BlueSMiRF Bluetooth Adaptor

Experiment with LED controller and LDR

LDR based light sensor data on Amarino interface.

Experiment with LED controller and LM35-temperature sensor

LM35- temperature data on Amarino Interface and simultaneous LED control

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Fully assembled kit is also available on