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Assembly- Breadboard power supply DIY kit


This is the assembly tutorial of ‘breadboard power supply DIY kit’. You can get all the details of this kit at this link.

You will get the following components with the kit package. You can purchase this kit at buildcircuit.com.au. The web store is operated by BuildCircuit team.

Breadboard power supply- components

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Look at the PCB below.You can see the silkscreen indicators/labels of the components. If you follow the labels correctly, you can easily assemble all the components on to the circuit board.

PCB dimension: 31.75mm x 31.75mm

Step 1: Start with resistors. Solder the three resistors- 330R, 390R and 240R. Click on the resistors to get the color code.

Step 1- solder resistors 330R, 240R and 390R

Step 2: Then, fix the diode 1N4001. You can also use 1N4004 or 1N4007. All work the same way.

Step 2 Solder 1N4007 diode

Step 3: Fix 0.1uF (code-104) capacitor.

Step 3 Solder 0.1uF capacitor

Step 4: Fix the 2pcs of SPDT switch. One switch is for ON/OFF function and the other is for switching 3.3V and 5V.

Step 5 Solder another SPDT switch

Step 5: Fix the 5mm red LED. It works as a power indicator.

Step 6 Solder 5mm LED

Step 6: Fix the PTC resettable fuse (500mA). This is a handy little device that can save your system from burning. A resettable fuse (also known as a PTC) is a resistor that has very unique properties.

For this kit, if your circuit tries to draw more than 500mA of current (if you have a bad short for instance) the PTC would ‘trip’ (by heating up). The increased resistance (trip state) would break the circuit and allow only a small leakage current.

Step 7 Solder resettable fuse 500mA

Step 7: Solder the 330R resistor. It works as current limiting resistor for the 5mm LED.

Step 8 Solder the last 330R resistor

Step 8: Solder 100uF and 10uF capacitors. Please be careful with the polarity. Wrong polarity will burn the components. The silkscreen indicators should help.

Step 9 Solder 100uF and 10uF capacitors

Step 9: Solder the LM317 chip and DC barrel.

Step 10 Solder LM7805 and DC barrel

Step 10: There are 2pcs of 2-pin male header for fixing the circuit board into the breadboard holes. You need to solder them as shown on the image below.

Step 11 Solder the male headers for breadboard

Give a close look.

Step 11-Close up

Step 12: Fix the power supply into your breadboard using the male headers. Power up the circuit with any DC supply (6-37V), it will give two outputs- 3.3V and 5V(one at a time).

Step 14- 3 Powering up the breadboard power supply - Copy

The kit is ready to use for your projects. Fix your project components on the remaining part of the breadboard.

Step 13 Powering up the breadboard power supply

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You can buy this wonderful DIY kit at buildcircuit.net. BuildCircuit.ORG is the online store owned and operated by BuildCircuit team.

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🛠️ Dive into our collection of DIY Kits, 🔊 Audio Amplifiers, Digital Scoreboards, FM transmitters, and more!
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