BuildCircuit’s breadboard power supply DIY kit

Here is a very simple breadboard power supply kit that takes power from a DC wall wart and outputs a selectable 5V or 3.3V regulated voltage. The .1″ headers are mounted on the bottom of the PCB for simple insertion into a breadboard.

Pins labeled VCC and GND plug directly into the power lines. The lone pair of pins have no electrical connection but help support the PCB. There are two pins available within the barrel jack footprint. Any stripped +/- DC supply(6V to 15V) can be connected instead of the barrel connector. Board has both an On/Off switch and a voltage select switch (3.3V/5V).

Comes as a bag of parts kit and is easily assembled if you can follow the silkscreen indicators and have beginning experience with a soldering iron. You will need to read the resistor bands or use a multimeter to determine the resistor sizes.

Components of breadboard power supply

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Kit Includes:

  • DC Barrel Connector (2.1mm center positive)
  • TO-220 Voltage Regulator (LM317 1.5A max current)
  • 1N4001/1N4007 Reverse Protection Diode
  • 100uF Capacitor
  • 10uF Capacitor
  • 0.1uF 50V Capacitor
  • Power LED – High Brightness
  • 2 x SPDT Slide Switch
  • 4 x 0.1″ Header Pins
  • 2 x 330R Resistor 1/4W
  • 390R Resistor 1/4W
  • 240R Resistor 1/4W
  • Bare PCB with Silkscreen Indicators  (31.75mm x 31.75mm)
  • PTC resettable fuse 500mA
Look at the PCB below.You can see the silkscreen indicators/labels of the components. If you follow the labels correctly, you can easily assemble all the components on to the board.
PCB Dimension: 31.75mm x 31.75mm




After the assembly of the kit, it looks like the image shown below:

breadboard power supply12 Fixing the breadboard power supply on breadboard

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