CD4017 and NE555 timer experiments

Step 9- Put NE555 and CD4017 chips over the DIL socket

You can build simple LED chaser circuits using CD4017 and NE555 timer. There are hundreds of projects in the internet for making such simple LED chaser circuits.

Here’s one example: This has been depicted from

CHASER1 writes: 

“This is the schematic for a very basic 10 LED chaser I built. I prefer my “chasers” to run more slowly than most people and used a 10 uF capacitor for C1. The 10K pot can reduce the flash speed from not moving to whatever minimum time constant is possible with the C1 value you choose. Don’t bother with ultra-bright LEDs for these “chaser” projects as cheaper, lower millicandela (mcd) LEDS work fine. I favor blue and green LEDS. The 4017 decade counter is a fabulous part and can be driven to flash a row of LEDs with a 555 timer chip or a discrete BJT multivibrator.”

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Components and Schematic

Lucky number kit:

One more experiment kit is based on CD4017 and NE555 timer that works as a Lucky number finder game kit.

Step 9- Put NE555 and CD4017 chips over the DIL socket

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Other experiments related to CD4017 and NE555:

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