This is a DIY touch delay LED kit parts. When the user touches the kit, all the LEDs turn on. It is a very basic learning kit for beginners and learners.

You will need these tools to build the kit
1>. Soldering iron
2>. Multimeter
3>. Solder wire
4>. Iron stand
5>. Diagonal cutting pliers
6>. Screwdriver
7>. Tweezer
8>. Long-nose pliers
9>. Suction tin
10>. Cleaning sponge
11>. Screwdriver set


No. Product name Touch delay LED lights
1 Model TDL – 555
2 Standby current Less than 1mA
3 Standby indicator light With
4 Triggered Touch
5 Soldering difficulty Level Easy
6 Working voltage DC 5V
7 Working current Less than 90mA
8 Delay time Adjustable 3 seconds ~ 130 seconds.
9 Assembly instructions TOR format
10 Circuit board size 38mm*28.5mm(L*W)

Finished Product Picture:

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