I recently built a DIY electronic game kit. It has 4 games: tetris, snake, plane and racing.

This is the fanciest electronics DIY kit in our catalog. A do-it-yourself arcade video game! The 8 x 16 dot matrix display is of course not up-to-date, in the age of 4k UHD. But it is a lot of fun to build this little gaming console and to play classics like Snake or Tetris on it.

The 80C51 compatible microcontroller is already programmed with the included games, the USB cable is for power supply.

Like on those old arcade machines, you have cursor keys in 4 directions, a fire button, and a menu button. An additional 3-digit LED display counts your score. The size of the module is 72 x 100mm.

Assembling is quite easy, but you need to pay attention to the direction of some parts:

– There is an electrolytic capacitor, with a longer lead for “+”, and a marking “+” on one side of its footprint on the PCB. Make sure the long lead goes to “+” on the PCB!

– The 2 LED matrix modules have a tiny notch underneath on one side. This noth needs to meet with the marking (arrow and square) on the PCB. Means, the notch on both matrix modules shows down to the cursor keys!

– The socket for the microcontroller, and the microcontroller, have notches, marking the position of pin 1. Make sure these notches line up with the notch shown on the silkscreen, on the print for the microcontroller position.

Watch this video below. You can watch similar DIY Kits videos at www.kitstv.com.

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