DIY KIT 40 – TDA2822M Audio Amplifier DIY Kit

AMP-1 amplifier uses TDA2822M  as an amplifier chip. This chip is STMicroelectronics (ST) developed dual-channel monolithic power amplifier IC, usually used in the pocket cassette player (WALKMAN), tape recorders and multimedia speaker for the audio amplifier. It has a simple circuit, produces good sound quality, it has a wide voltage range and other characteristics that can work in stereo and bridge amplification (BTL) circuit form.


The schematic of the kit


Package Name: TDA2822M Amplifier
Kit Model: AMP-1
Working voltage: DC4.5-9V
PCB size: 51*36mm
Speaker Size: 50mm
Speaker Power: 0.25W

You can see all the assembly images for assembly tips. You can see the images on Flickr also. 

All the other images of the kit