DIY KIT 60- Digital clock kit-II

This digital clock kit looks very much similar to this kit, the kit is actually slightly advanced than the previous kit. It has enough functionalities like any other regular clock. It is very accurate. It is an easy to build kit and perfect to start to develop your soldering skills. It uses the chip AT89C2051.

  • It is a good practice kit for absolute beginners.

Kit Model: YSZ-4
Supply Voltage: 3V-6V
PCB Size: 52mm * 42mm(L*W)

1. Seconds correction (for precise School)
2. Switch to every minute independent display interface
3. The whole point of time (8-20 o’clock chime can be turned off)
4. Two-alarm settings (you can turn off the alarm function)

A. 0.56 inch special red digital clock for display;
B. Import STC11F02E for the master chip;
C.1.2mm thick PCB made from military-grade FR-4 board.

Documentation: Digital Clock Assembly Tutorial (the document also shows how to use the kit)

Assembly images. You can see the images on Flickr also