FM receiver kit and audio amplifier using LM386

This is one of the simplest ways of making an FM receiver. Just get a low cost FM receiver kit, make an audio amplifier using LM386, connect them together and your FM receiver is ready.

Most of the commercial FM receiver kits receive the signals within the FM band, usually 88-108 MHz.

This project is for novices who can make projects on breadboard.

If you have never made an Audio amplifier, please try this: LM386 on breadboard. The tutorial shows you all the connections.

The FM receiver kit usually comes with 4 wires: +6V, GND, Antenna and Audio. You need to connect the ‘Audio‘ wire to the ‘input’ pin of the audio amplifier circuit.
Audio Amplifier using FM kit and Lm386

Schematic of Audio Amplifier using LM386:
Audio Amplifier using FM kit and Lm386

Audio Amplifier using FM kit and Lm386
Audio amplifier using LM386

Watch the video:

A low cost LM386 based Audio Amplifier is available on You can use the Amplifier module for your project.

Audio amplifier

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