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How to assemble serial LCD kit

You can use this kit for displaying serial messages from Arduino. The kit is itself a programmable Arduino board that comes with ATmega328p. You just need to upload a serial LCD firmware to the ATmega328p chip of the kit and your kit is ready to display serial messages from Arduino. Read everything about the kit and serial LCD firmware from here.

Serial LCD KIT

Checkout the PCB:
Serial LCD Arduino
On the PCB, you can see that the names and polarity of components have been labeled. Therefore, there should not be any confusion while assembling the kit.

With the Serial LCD kit package you will get the following components:
Serial LCD kit2
Besides, you will also get a 3-pin connector wire:
Serial LCD Arduino
Procedure for assembling the kit:

Step 1: Start with a 16Mhz crystal oscillator and 2pcs of 22pF capacitors. Fix them on the PCB.
Step 1- Fix 16Mhz oscillator and 2pcs of 22pF capacitor

Step 2: Fix a 10K resistor also.
Step 2- Fix a 10kOhm resistor.

Step 3: Fix 2pcs of 0.1uF capacitors.
Serial LCD Arduino
Serial LCD Arduino

Step 4:Fix 2N3904 transistor.
Serial LCD Arduino

Step 5: Fix a 10uF electrolytic capacitor.
Serial LCD Arduino

Step 6: Fix 10k variable resistor and 28-pin DIL socket. For RX, GND and VCC pin, you can fix a 3 pin male or female header. If you are using a 3 pin connector wire, you can fix a male header.
Serial LCD Arduino

Serial LCD Arduino
3 pin connector wire

3-pin female header:
Serial LCD Arduino

Step 7: Fix 6-pin male/female header for connecting FT232RL FTDI breakout board.

serial lcd

For example, if you have following breakout board from Sparkfun.com, you may fix a 6-pin male header on your PCB.
Step 8: Fix 16×2 LCD.
Serial LCD Arduino

Step 8: Insert ATmega328p chip that has serial LCD firmware in it.

The kit is itself a programmable Arduino board, therefore, you can use an FTDI breakout board to program the ATmega328p chip.
Serial LCD KIT

The kit is now ready to use. You can connect the kit to your Arduino as shown on the image below:

Serial LCD KIT

You may now send serial messages to your Serial LCD kit.

Adjusting contrast:

You can use a small screw driver to adjust contrast level of the LCD.
Serial LCD Arduino

Checkout the video below:

Serial LCD KIT

try this also

First, upload this code to your ATmega328p chip of of Serial LCD kit and then upload the following sketch to your Arduino board. Checkout the output of this sketch on OUTPUT tab.


Buy Serial LCD kit on www.buildcircuit.net.

try this also

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