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Description:  This project lets you know about Infrared. The LED connected on pin 13 of Arduino toggles each time a remote button is pressed. It should work with normal TV/VCD remote.Before you make this project, I strongly recommend you to make a basic remote tester with some basic electronic components. This is the fundamental circuit for controlling your home appliances.

For controlling home appliances operating at 220V, you need to connect a relay in place of LED. HOW TO USE A RELAY?

For this project you need to download IR remote library from this link:

OR download the zipped file directly:

After you make this project, you can try one more project: Infrared and PWM experiment


Watch the video:

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  1. the library the you gave don’t good
    it shows a problem with this code it says: error:uint8_t does not name a type
    please help me

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