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The M348X series IC is a mask-ROM-programmed multi melody generator , implemented by CMOS technology.It is designed to play the melody according to the previously programmed information and is capable of generating 16 songs with 3 instrument effects : piano, organ and mandolin. The device also includes a pre-amplifier which provides a simple interface to  the driver circuit. The M3481 series is intended for applications such as toys, door bells, music box, melody clock/timers and telephones.

The following circuit is for testing UM3481. I strongly recommend you to see the datasheet to get more information. You can use UM3482 and UM3483 that produce 12 and 5 melodies respectively. When you press the push-to-on switch, the circuit plays a melody and after playing, it automatically stops. If you press the remote again, the IC plays another melody. In this way, you can play 8 melodies one after another. The melody will repeat if pin 5 is connected to +6V(Pin 16) and will stop automatically if connected to GND(Pin 8). I recommend you to go through the datasheet of UM3481 to know more about it.

CLICK HERE: Remote operated musical bell using UM3481

You can click on the video below to see the output

Visit for Audio Amplifiers, Arduino Shields, DIY Kits, etc.


  1. This musical circuit is very nice post.The UM3481 is a great & very famous musical IC. This IC complete musical system. I’ve made it from your web site. Thanks for your post.

  2. I am a newbie in electronics circuitry.This musical circuit is great and it is working perfectly but i want louder sound,so can you please tell me necessary modifications in the above mentioned circuit. I also want to know that whether higher watt speaker will deliver louder sound? Because i have a 2 watt speaker.
    Thanks a lot.


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