In this project, you can control an LED and see sensor graph simultaneously. For your convenience, I have used a simple light sensor circuit. The resistance of the photo resistor varies with the amount of light falling on it. The amount of light is varied with LED controller and the sensor data variation can be seen on the Sensor Graph.

If you have never worked with Amarino before, I strongly recommend you to visit and try the basic projects published on that site.

After visiting Amarino website, do these two experiments:



This project is completely based on Amarino API, Meet Android– Arduino Library and the previously mentioned articles.

Read about Meet Android Library.

For Non-programmers:

Download sensorgraph-1.apk file.

Then use the MeetAndroid Arduino Library.

Then upload the following code on your Arduino.

DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE- LED Controller and Sensor Graph

The circuit layout is given below:

For programmers:

Download the entire source codes- Amarino and Arduino .