Bluetooth adaptors supported by Amarino Shield

BT adaptor

 In Amarino shield version 3.0, there are headers for 3 different bluetooth adapters.

a. General Bluetooth Adapter – Cheapest adapter available at RECOMMENDED !

b. BlueSMiRF– Bluetooth Mate Silver– More expensive adapter available on

c. BlueSMiRF Gold – The most expensive adapter available on

Bluetooth Modules for Amarino shield– Whichever Bluetooth adaptor you are using, the baud rate of Bluetooth adapter should match with the Serial Monitor’s baud rate. For example, if your Arduino source code has


then, the baud rate of Bluetooth adapter should also be 57600. The default baud rate of BlueSMiRF module and general adapter is 9600. The shield works excellent with 9600. However, if you want to change the baud rate of BlueSMiRF module, here’s a tutorial.

We don’t know if we can change the baud rate of general Bluetooth adapters with the process mentioned on this tutorial. You can try it.

– This project has been tested with BlueSMiRF module as well as general Bluetooth adapter module and it works well.

Bluetooth Mate Silver


BT adaptor
Bluetooth Serial Adapter

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