This is an RGB LED contained 16×3 audio spectrum DIY kit for electronics beginners. You can simply connect this kit to any audio source and get a beautiful spectrum on the LEDs network. There is a microphone also on the kit which picks up sounds nearby.Parameter:

Parameter Value
Model SL-1603
Operating Voltage DC 5V
Operating Current 20-270mA
Standby Current <=5mA
Signal Input Way 3.5mm Audio Wire
Signal Choose Way Microphone first
LED Color 5mm red, green, blue
LED Array line 3, row 16
LED Brightness 16 level adjustable
Peak Keeping yes
PCB Size 158*34.8mm
PCB Mounting Hole 3mm
PCB Hole Distance 151.9*28.7mm
Note: LED should be the same color in one line/row

Check out all the assembly images below: