DIY KIT 35- LM317 based adjustable power supply

This is yet another LM317 based power supply for electronics hobbyists and beginners.

Input DC volt: 5V-35V
Input AC volt: 6V-25V
Output DC volt: 1.25V-30V
Output circuit:1A (max)
Minimun dropout voltage of input and output: 3V
PCB size: 71mm×46mm
1. The kit comes with output protection, with the onboard self-recovery fuse for short-circuit protection.
2. It has the output interface with an audio clip that make it very convenient
3. There is output with power switch
4. It has input with the rectifier circuit, which means there is no need for polarity input allowing the input to be 6V-25V AC also.
The schematic:
These are the components included in the kit package

Check out the following images to get ideas for assembling the kit. You can see the images on Flickr also.

The other images of the kit