DIY KIT 46- Metal detector DIY electronic kit

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This is yet another metal detector kit for electronics beginners. After assembling the kit, if you take the kit close to a metal, the buzzer will turn on and the LED will flash. The sensitivity of the kit can be adjusted using the potentiometer.

NO. Parameters Value
1 Name Metal detector
2 Operating voltage DC 3-5V
3 Operating current ≤ 40mA
4 Standby current ≤ 5mA
5 Detection depth ≤ 60mm
6 Detection and alarm mode Sound and Light
7 The difficulty of soldering Easy
8 Circuit board size 86*61mm
9 Packing weight 16g/kit

Component list:

NO. PCB Marker Component Name Parameter QTY
1 R3 RES 470R 1
2 R2 RES 2K 1
3 R1 RES 200K 1
4 VR1 ADJ-RES 100R 1
5 C2.C3 CAP 222P 2
6 C1.C4 CAP 104P 2
7 C5 E-CAP 100UF 1
8 LED1 LED 5mm Red 1
9 Q2.Q3 Transistor S9012 2
10 Q1 Transistor S9018 1
11 SW1 Power SW 1
12 SP1 Buzzer 9*12 1
13 J1 Power-Socket KF301-2 1
14 —— PCB MDS-60 1
15 Choose Battery box AA1.5V*3 1

Schematic of the kit:

Click on the images below to see all the assembly steps. You can also see the images on Flickr.

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Search Electronics Kits And Modules Available In Our Store