The KA2284 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for 5-dot LED level meter drivers with a built-in rectifying amplifier. It is suitable for AC/DC level meters such as VU meters or signal meters.


*High gain rectifying amplifier included(Gv=26dB)
*Low radiation noise when LED turns on
*logarithmic indicator for 5-dot LED of bar type.
*Constant current output( 15mA)
*Wide operating supply voltage(3.5V~16V)
*Not necessary diode or transistor for ALC
*Minimum number of external parts required

About the kit: This is an electronic DIY kit that utilizes the KA2284, some soldering experience is required.  The kit basically turns on the LEDs based on the sound intensity level of the audio source it is connected to.

Schematic of the kit:Chip : KA2284
Working voltage : 3.5-12 V
PCB Board Size : 40X19mm

You can see all the assembly image below. You can see the images on Flickr also. 

Datasheet- VU meter a LED, KA2284

All the other images

See the assembly video: