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This fully assembled sound/clap operated switch can be used for turning on your 100-240V AC light bulbs. Usually, we use a clap switch to operate a lamp and it can easily do that for you. The kit responses to clap up to distance of 5 meters, but, the further you go, the louder the clap should be. 


  • Operates a 100-220V AC lamp with clap/loud sound.
  • Supply voltage: 6V-9V.
  • There are two supply input points: a DC barrel and a 2 pin screw terminal. You can use one of the points to power up the kit.
  • Consists a PTC resettable fuse. Switches the circuit off if there is unexpected flow of current over 500mA.
  • Dimension: 83.82mm x 49.53mm
  • Relay specification: Activation voltage: 5V DC. Controls appliances operating at 10A 250VAC, 10A 125VAC, 10A 30VDC, 10A 28VDC. Suitable for Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand

How did we make it ?

This DIY clap-switch is a combination of two kits that are available at

a. Low cost clap_switch: This clap switch has an LED on it and a loud sound activates the switch. Check out project details.

b. Relay module for the clap_switch: The relay module can be connected to the clap-switch operate 100-220V AC lamps. Check out project details.

We simply combined these two kits and made one complete clap-switch kit.


Download schematic in PDF format

clap switch schematic

Package contains:

We are now selling fully assembled clap switch

  • 1 x Fully assembled clap switch
  • 1 x 9V battery connector

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