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This is the gallery page of DIY Arduino kit. You can get description of this product on this page.

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1 Fix all the resistors 1-resistors another look 3-Solder the 16Mhz oscillator 5- 4pcs of 0.1uF capacitor-another angle 5- Fix 4pcs of 0.1uF capacitor 6- Solder LM7805 7- Fix the reset switch 8- fix 3.3V regulator 9- fix 300mA resettable switch 10- fix screw terminal 11- Fix 28 pin IC header and the LEDs 12- Fix the forgotten 0.1uF capacitor 13- fix the 6 pin ICSP header 14- the 6 pin ICSP header 15- Fix the two pcs of 10uF capacitor 16- Fix DC barrel 16. Fix DC barrel 17- close up 17- fix 6 pin bent header for connecting FTDI breakout board 18- Fix the 6 pin and 8 pin female header for stacking shields 19- The DIY arduino is now ready 20- This is how the FTDI is connected 21- FTDI connection to Arduino and computer

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  1. Hello Can you please give me Gerber file of DIY arduino PCB. I need it I am unable to make it as short as you made it. I want to look upon your design for an idea. Thanks for DIY tutorials.


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