Gallery- WTV020SD-16P evaluation board- DIY kit


This is the gallery page of WTV020SD-16P evaluation kit. You can get description of this product on this page.

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02- Fix 330R and 470 Ohm
3- 1N4001 diode4- Solder 0.1uF capacitor
5- Solder 2pcs of 3mm LED6- Solder 3.3V regulator
7- Solder 4pcs of tactile switches8- Solder capacitors and resettable fuse 300mA
9 - Solder 500Ohm variable resistr10- Solder male and female headers
11- Solder DC barrel12- Solder speaker
13- Solder stackable header14- Solder LM7805 with heat sink
15- The kit is ready16- Stacking WTV020SD kit
17- The kit in actionLM7805 regulator with heat sink

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16- Stacking WTV020SD kit

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