How to assemble a line following robot – Page 1

The assembly of a line following robot is pretty straight forward. If you follow the silkscreen labels, you will be able to assemble it easily.

The line following robot comes with the components as shown on the image.

Start with resistors

Solder all the resistors that comes with the package.

Solder the transistors S8550

Solder the 5mm red LED. Make sure that the Anode and Cathode go into the right holes.


Solder the 100uF capacitors.

Solder the variable resistor 10K ohm

Solder 8 pin DIL socket

Solder wires on robot motors

Peel off the sticker and stick the motors

After sticking the motors, the robot should like this:

Make sure that the motors are soldered on the PCB solder pad.

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