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Remaining part of assembly of line following robot…

Fix the nut bolt set on the PCB

Solder the photo resistor/LDR as shown on the image.Make sure that the LDR is at least 5mm above the ground or spot where you are placing the robot.

Solder the transparent 5mm LEDs. The LEDs should be 5mm above the LDR.

Peel of the top sticker to stick the included battery holder

Pass the wires through the hole

And solder it as shown below

The package includes two wheels also.

Fix the wheels to the motors

This is how you insert the holes of the wheel to the motor

Use the screws to tighten the wheel to the motor

The line following robot is now ready. Make sure that you use a different switch as shown below

Make a track with a black insulating tape. You may use paint or permanent marker. I have one with a black insulating tape. Watch the following video: