This is a very interesting project for beginners. We had made similar project several years ago and published on BuildCircuit.COM. Check out this page. In this project, music from an audio source can be transmitted wirelessly via infrared medium.

There are two kits included in this package. One is transmitter and the other is a receiver.

On the transmitter side:

On the transmitter side, music is fed to the circuit and it is transmitted to infrared LED via an amplifying transistor so that the audio signals can be transmitted as infrared rays. If you connect a speaker in place of the infrared LED, the kit would work as a simple amplifier.


On the receiver side:

On the receiver side, there is a phototransistor working as an infrared receiver which takes the audio signals in the form of infrared and feeds to the audio amplifier LM386 and the audio amplifier amplifies the signal and consequently produces sound.

Assembly of this project is very straightforward. You can easily assemble this kit if you have basic knowledge in soldering.


See how it works

The schematics are given below:schematicsYou can buy the kit at buildcircuit store

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