Designed by: Sagar Sapkota (Contact)


This is my Master’s degree thesis project. I did this project at the University of Turku, Finland. I completed this project in March 2012. The project was selected for an international conference organized in Japan.

smart phone controlled LED lighting (4)

Android phone application based on Amarino Platform

smart phone controlled LED lighting (3)

The smart phone controlled LED lamp

Features of the device:

1. Buck topology LED driver controllable with an Android smart phone. Dimming method: Pulse width modulation (PWM).

2. Communication medium used was Bluetooth.

3. ATmega328 Microcontroller was used in the device. It is based on Arduino and Amarino toolkit(for ubiquitous computing).

4. The LED driver responded automatically to inbuilt light sensor of Android phone.

5. Smart phone user interface displayed the temperature of the LED lamp and ambient light present in a room.

6. The driver responded to orientation sensor of the Android phone.

7. LED driver could be controlled with the phone user interface.

8. Dimming of the LED light was achieved by Pulse width modulation.

Watch the initial phase of the project. I built the project on a breadboard and tested a hand-made lamp using a serial emulator application.

Buck LED Driver using LM3404

The driver was built at home. The components were soldered with hand.