Amarino DIY shield for Android-Arduino-Bluetooth experiments

We are now selling Amarino Nano 1.0 kit for Amarino experiments. It is fully assembled kit and includes Arduino Nano and Bluetooth module. You can easily test RGB LED and sensor graph features of Amarino toolkit app.

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Amarino Nano-1-1

About Amarino Shield

Amarino shield in use (2)

Amarino shield can be used for doing several experiments with Amarino and Android serial emulators. For example, you can operate a multicolor lamp, sensor graph, light sensor, etc.

The shield is just a modification of previous shield designed and published by Sagar Sapkota ( Amarino shield 3.0 has added one more header space for BlueSMiRF supporting altogether 3 different Bluetooth adapters.


  • CD4094- 8 Bit shift register- evaluation circuit.
  • RGB LED.
  • Light dependent resistor ( LDR) based light sensor.
  • LM35-temperature sensor.
  • Perfect for testing Amarino and all Android serial emulators.
  • Provides space for BlueSMiRF mate silver and General Bluetooth adapter. You can also use other adapters, but you need to connect those using a breadboard and extra wires. 
  • Space for Bluetooth Mate Silver, Mate Gold, BlueSMiRF Silver – Supports 3 different Bluetooth adapters- NEW FREATURE!!!
  • Switches for CD4094 and Bluetooth adapter- You can switch off CD4094 while experimenting with other components and program your Arduino with Bluetooth adapter still on the header- NEW FEATURE !!!
  • Works great with Arduino, with tons of example codes.
  • Tested and verified at Lab. See all the videos.

The shield comes with the following components:

1 x shield PCB

1 x CD4094BE/HCF4094BE

1x 16pin DIL Socket

10 x LED- 3mm- 8 pcs same color(red/white/blue/green/yellow) and 2 pcs different colors (can be any color)

1 x LED- 5mm-White/Yellow/Blue/Red- color

1 x LM35- temperature sensor

1 x RGB LED- Common cathode

1 x LDR

1 x Female header- 4 pin

1 x Male header- 4 pin

1 x Female header – 6 pin

15 x Resistors- 220Ohm(14pcs) and 10k(1pc)

Stackable header set- 6 pin header(2 pcs) and 8 pin header(2 pcs)

2x 1P DIP switch – The DIP switches can be used for switching ON/OFF Bluetooth adapter and CD4094 while uploading Arduino sketch and doing Amarino experiments respectively.

FULLY assembled Amarino shield top view (1)Besides these components, you also need a Bluetooth Adapter. You can buy any ONE module out the following three:

a. General Bluetooth Adapter – Cheapest adapter available on

b. BlueSMiRF- Bluetooth Mate Silver– More expensive available on

c. BlueSMiRF Gold – The most expensive, available on

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CD4094- 8 Bit Shift Register Evaluation circuit – You can use Amarino 3.0 shield for doing several experiments with CD4094. Some examples are given below:

Example 1: CD4094 control with  Arduino- Basic Experiment- WITHOUT SMART PHONE

Example 2: CD4094 control with Android serial emulator and Arduino




(Note: The Arduino sketch for this experiment is slightly different from the original source codes from Amarino. The extra codes on the sketch deactivates the CD4094 chip. It is necessary to deactivate CD4094, because the power is shared with the chip and it affects your experiments. In Amarino 3.0 shield, you can use the IC1 switch to switch off CD4094 while doing Amarino experiments.)

RGB LED control using Amarino, Android and Arduino

RGB LED control using Amarino and BlueSMiRF Bluetooth Adaptor


Experiment with LED controller and LDR

LDR based light sensor data on Amarino interface.


Experiment with LED controller and LM35-temperature sensor

LM35- temperature data on Amarino Interface and simultaneous LED control


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