• This is yet another dark/light sensor project that uses a photoresistor. This kit has an LM393 chip and there is a relay also. It is a light operated switch.
    • 【Great School Science Project】: The light operated switch can be a great school project for children. It is widely used to help students learn basic mechanical and electronic skills. It’s a great Science Fair project. Highly recommended to practice soldering skills for you and your kids.

  • 【Easy Assembly】: In addition to teaching basic mechanical and electronic principles, the switch kit is easy to build and is so simple. The connection that was clearly mapped via silkscreen and labeled on the board makes it easy to assemble. It’s often used to teach basic soldering skills. It’s a great first kit for any STEM student. No programming is required.
  • 【Light & Dark Trigger Mode】: You can set up the Light/Dark trigger mode by JMP1. 1) Light trigger mode: Connect JMP1 1-3. Relay OFF in dark environment. Relay ON in bright environment; 2) Dark trigger mode: Connect JMP1 2-4. Relay ON in dark environment. Relay OFF in bright environment.
  • 【Output Mode】: You can setup Output Mode (Work or Not) by JMP2. 1) Connect JMP2 1-2: Relay is allowed to work; 2) Connect JMP2 2-3: Relay is not allowed to work.

This is what you get when you buy the kit

The schematic of the kit

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