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12 channels Bluetooth module for Arduino-Android communication is yet another kit for experimenting with Arduino and Android. This small module can be very effective for those learning and trying some apps using MIT media labs apps inventor .

BTRF: BTRF is a module similar to the 12CH Bluetooth module. BTRF module allows you to test Bluetooth as well as 4CH and 6CH RF modules. All the apps mentioned below do work with BTRF module also. Visit BTRF product page.

You will need an FTDI basic module to program the Arduino. The 1P DIP switch should be turned off while uploading the sketch.

This is BT module for controlling all the 12 digital pins of Arduino.


This is the BTRF module. All the apps mentioned in this article can be used for this module also. You can use this device to test the Bluetooth module as well as 6CH and 4CH RF modules.

You can make your own apps using the MIT App Invetor or use the existing apps on Google play.

When you test any new app, make sure that you read this tutorial first. Get the sketch here. This sketch will help you find out what the app is sending to Arduino. For example, some apps send characters and some send numbers. Based on the data received by Arduino, we need to write our sketch.

You can test this module with these apps:

  1. Ardroid: An Android Application for controlling any type of Arduino’s Digital and PWM Pins with the help of Bluetooth.
    It can be used to Control Arduino Uno’s Digital and PWM pins, Send & Receive text commands to/from Arduino. It offers control over all the digital pins. You can download the sketch from the app page. Download ardroid sketch


2. Arduino Bluetooth controller: Control your Arduino UNO & Arduino Nano GPIO’s and control the PWM signals via Bluetooth.
Joystick to control the robot movement, Bluetooth Terminal to send and receive the data from Arduino and save the data in sd card. You can do a lot of things with this app and obviously it works well with our Bluetooth module also.

3. Arduino Bluecontrol: Arduino Bluetooth Control is an application that allows you to control your Arduino board (and similar boards) via Bluetooth, and so to create awesome and fully customized projects, with the new features available within the app. The settings section allows you to adapt the application to your needs, through a very simple and intuitive interface.

4. E&E: Arduino Automation: Arduino Automation is an application that allows you to control devices using your Arduino Board (and similar boards) via Bluetooth or WiFi, and so to create awesome and fully customized projects, with the interfaces available within the app.