Arduino based Bluetooth tester module with 12 ports


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  • Basic Arduino based module for Android-Arduino communication.
  • 12 digital IO ports available.
  • Test it using several android apps.

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SKU: BC-44654

This is a basic DIY Arduino based Bluetooth tester module. This module has all the 12 digital pins from D2 to D13. There are several Android apps that can be used to operate this module.

You will need an FTDI basic breakout board to program the tester module. The module was designed to test the Scoreduino boards. Now, it is available for everyone. The assembly process is very straightforward, the silkscreen labels should guide you through soldering.


If you have done any experiment with the Bluetooth module, you will know how to use it. Simply connect the Bluetooth of your phone to the Bluetooth module using the code 1234 and open one of these apps and start using it.

Pairing Code: 1234


Assembly Tutorial:


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