There are hundreds of electronics projects published on This time we have selected few projects that should be easier for beginners to start with. Complex and difficult projects just frustrate the beginners. The best thing about the listed projects is that all come with good assembly images and most of the projects can be made with 5-10 components.  The components used for one project can be used for other projects also.

Breadboard projects

Here’s a list of breadboard projects that you can try:

  1. Dark Sensor and Light Sensor
  2. Dark Sensor using two transistors
  3. Dark sensor using BC557
  4. Dark sensor using transistor, photodiode and phototransistor
  5. Basic Remote Tester
  6. Simple clap switch
  7. Sound generator using NE555
  8. Monostable module
  9. Astable mode of NE555
  10. Toggle switch using NE555
  11. Up counter using multivibrator
  12. Infrared music transmitter and receiver
  13. Experiments with LM358
  14. Light activated police siren
  15. Light dependent blinker using 4093
  16. Light operated switch
  17. Melody generator
  18. Multivibrator module
  19. Basic remote tester
  20. RC module 
  21. Audio amplifier using LM386
  22. Digital object counter on a breadboard
  23. Infrared transmitter
  24. RC module and infrared sensor

Soldering Projects:

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